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Monster Krumholtz (Khmer: ) is the main protagonist of the Monster-Robot franchise, along with Robot Default.

Physical Appearance

Monster is a tall organic with short purple glossy fur. He sports two ivory horns that curve towards each other on his head. His body is rectangular, with his head being the largest part of his body. His head/torso takes up a majority of his body, with the waist down being squat and stubby. His arms are on the lower portions and has mitten-shaped hands. Monster wears a small, dark gray bowler hat, green wristbands, and a pair of green swim trunks with lavender flowers on them (similar to Patrick Star's). His eyes are black and beady, and his lips are a light lavender.


Monster is usually portrayed as a free-spirited, fun-loving, and enthusiastic goofball.




  1. Monster has been redesigned in Monster-Robot. He has been partially scaled down in size, wears green wristbands and a pair of green swim trunks with lavender flowers on them (to make him resemble to Fanboy).