This is a transcript page for: Two Robloxians on a Baseplate.


[The video begins with the creator making a simple Robloxian in Roblox Studio on a green flat surface, while "Summer Day" by Kevin Macleod plays in the background. After (s)he adds a "Humanoid"-Class object, the parts except the head become beveled, and then names it "Sam". After three seconds, Sam comes to life and looks around him, confused and curious, while moving one of his arms and legs.]
Sam: Whoa. How did I... Wah... What is this place? [starts walking around the green floor] Just how did I end up here? All I see is nothing but a green flat surface. [notices that the floor has a cliff in front of him] Now that's something I don't see everyday, a bottomless pit. [walks toward the opposite direction, until he sees another Robloxian named "Mike", whose legs have a different shade a green and a blue torso.] Another Robloxian. What is the sole purpose of this place?
Mike: It's quite a long story, Sam. We're actually both in Roblox Studio where anything can be made and scripted at once. The sole purpose of this is mostly for making your own game, creations, and other stuff like those.
Sam: Then why are we on just an empty baseplate, with nothing else other than us, Mike?
Mike: I don't know, but we'll discuss that later. [notices Sam has placed a part in front of him] Whoa...Just where did you get that, Sam?
Sam: Easy, I just used the "Command" Toolbar.
Mike: But how were you able to access the "Command" Toolbar?
Sam: Simple. We're both in ROBLOX Studio. You just said that earlier Mike.
Mike: Oh yeah. I just did. Anyway, what are you going to build with that?
Sam: I know, a house. Wait, I don't have any building tools with me yet. Let me get myself some. [uses the Command Toolbar to give himself building tools] There, now I have them.
Mike: Cool! Can I have some building tools, too?
Sam: Sure thing Mike. Here, have some. [uses the Command Toolbar to give Mike building tools] There, now you and I can build together. [Scene wipes to the Baseplate, him and Mike are building a replica of the Happy Home of Robloxia]. Tada. Now that's what I like to call a masterpiece.
Mike: Actually, Sam. It's just a replica of a house that looked like from 2007, but we both did great and it looks awesome. Anyway, Is there a way I can change my look?
Sam: That should be quite easy. [He types in the Command Toolbar to transform into Wubbzy] There. Easy as it is.
Mike: What the...? How were you able to do that?
Sam: The same way that I did with spawning a brick, the Command Toolbar.
Mike: Oh, yeah. Let me try. [Types in the Command Toolbar to transform himself into another character, which, in this case, Daizy] Darn it. I didn't even mean to transform into a girl like this! Can you help me, Sam?
Sam: Wow Mike, you look so cute! [laughs]
Mike: Really funny Sam. I almost forgot to laugh at that.
Sam: I was only just playing Mike. [transforms into Widget] In fact, you shouldn't take what I said too seriously. [pretends to be Widget] Check me out. I'm a tomboy who likes to build and invent things.
[Music stops playing, which is then replaced with "Wagon Wheel" by Kevin Macleod]
Mike: I can transform into someone much cooler than who you. [transforms into Walden] Look at me Sam. I'm just some genius who knows a lot about everything.
Sam: What about this? [transforms into Billy BunnyFunny] Check me out, I'm a surfer dude.
Mike: Why you little... [transforms into Coby Coltron] Look at me, I'm a random green horse-like creature, or whatever the heck I am.